Contributing to the MPS

We are very happy to receive contributions to the Memory Pool System so that we can improve it for everyone.


The MPS is highly engineered and rigorously controlled in order to prevent defects. This approach has lead to an extremely small number of bugs in production since its first commercial use in 1997. There are a fairly large number of rules, both low- and high-level that your code must follow in order to be accepted. These rules are the result of continuous process improvement to prevent defects. Unfortunately, we do not have many of them published at present. We apologise if you find it frustrating that we do not accept your changes as they are.

The style guide in guide.impl.c.format contains basic rules for style.


All contributions are deemed to have been made under the same license as the material to which the contribution is made, unless you expressly state otherwise in your contribution request. In nearly all cases this is the BSD 2-clause license. You retain the copyright to such contributions.

Thank you

Finally, thank you for making the MPS more useful to everyone.